Our Story

Zena McCoy founded Semilla Designs in 2006 after discovering seed jewelry on the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil. She fell in love with the idea of using seeds as jewelry components and wanted to create her own designs. She bought a few kilos of the brightly-colored, predrilled seeds and set to work.

Zena first sold her seed jewelry necklaces, earrings and bracelets at farmers’ markets and art walks in her home town of Seattle. She quickly ran out of seeds, however, and joined in a business partnership with her long-time friend, Carolina Cordoba, of Medellin, Colombia. Carolina, also a jewelry artist, had access to a wide variety of very attractive drilled seeds from her native country.

With these colorful and unique materials, Zena and Carolina created the first full jewelry line for Semilla Designs. They expanded the business, selling at more festivals, boutiques and online. They also developed their line, adding new seeds, colors and designs. As the business grew, Semilla Designs took on four part-time artists to help with production: Sherrie Kyle, Alejandra Morales, Lina Vasquez, and Claire McCoy. Alice Sockwell assists with sales and marketing.

In 2012, Semilla Designs introduced its first line of bullhorn jewelry.  After much searching, Zena and Carolina found a small, family-run workshop outside of Bogota that supplies them with polished and dyed bullhorn pieces. The workshop also provides Semilla Designs with bullhorn rings.

As 2013 begins, Semilla Designs is excited to be evolving, expanding and creating new seed jewelry. Thank you for your support of our artistry and our seed suppliers.


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