Farm Stand Studio

My jewelry studio is located on a four acre piece of land my family and I have been farming for the past few years. My brother has a 90ft green house where he grows tomatoes, greens and other veggies. My father and daughter raise 120 chickens cleaning the eggs daily. I harvest as many berries as I can to eat, freeze and make jam with. Farming has always been a hobby and enjoyable pastime for me, however this pandemic has changed my perspective dramatically. I no longer know what the future will bring in relationship to my business. However, I do know that I will need to adapt. 

So my brother who has his own Farm business Aeggy's and I decided to build a farm stand where we can sell all that we produce on the property. 

Right now we have eggs, jam, micro greens, honey, candied pecans, jewelry and leather purses and wallets. In a couple of months we will have berries, fruits and many more veggies. 

Please come support us! 

Aeggy's Farm Stand is located at 13609 SW 220th St. Vashon Is. WA.